Monday, March 8, 2010

The latest, I suppose...

So I figured it's time to write again. Practice doesn't work if you don't, well, practice.

This weekend wasn't bad - part relaxing, part thrift store-ing, part being mad at the insurance company, and part hanging out at the in-laws. The first two parts are pretty self-explanatory. So I'll skip them.

Insurance company: Our insurance company is Aetna. Chuck gets his through his deal with Emory. So we only have to buy mine, as a dependent on his policy - and anyone that's paid for health insurance knows it ain't cheap. And since he's a student, pretty much all of our medical stuff goes through student health. That's all good and fine. So we paid my third quarter payment, like good little children. Day after we mail off the check, we get a notice in the mail saying "if we don't get the check by such and such, your policy will terminate." We thought, well okay, we mailed it yesterday, it's fine, the notice and our check probably crossed in the mail. So fast forward a month to this past Friday. We get a notice in the mail saying that my coverage is terminated, with an addendum at the bottom saying, "if you paid, then please disregard this message." Let me just say - there are SO many things wrong with this situation.
Firstly, you can't just send out mass termination messages without being at least 90% sure that the person hasn't paid - talk about mass hysteria. Secondly, they had cashed my check on Feb. 25th, five days before that letter was postmarked. Thirdly, if you take away a week each way for mail time (which is generous), that still leaves two work weeks for them to update their system. Fourthly, I had (no longer do) an appointment on Wednesday for an annual physical (not even anything special), and apparently I don't have insurance, that I paid for.

That leaves two possibilities: someone other than Aetna cashed that check, or they took my money and ended my coverage. Turns out it was the second one. I mean, seriously? Talk about interdepartmental communication failure.

Okay, so enough ranting about that - hanging out at Chuck's parents' house was fun. Got to play with all the dogs. And got to see Amy and Josh because it's their spring break. Unfortunately, Chuck's dad had to run around a lot because Chuck's mom's car decided not to turn off. They had to pulled some fuse/relay thing out of the engine before it overheated, and tow the thing to the dealership.

Other than that, not much. We've been taking Rasha on longer walks to this dog park that's maybe 15 minutes away. The first time we took her there she was really overwhelmed and bared her teeth at all the doggies that tried to say hi to her. But this time she was really shy but she explored the whole dog park and even said hi to some of the dogs. But the best thing was that she actually went up to this one lady there, albeit cautiously, and actually let her pet her! I think that Rasha's a little more trusting of people that she sees with dogs. I believe that her people to trust meter goes like this, from most trusted to least:

Chuck and Puja -> Chuck's and Puja's families -> Mallory (she was allowed to come into the apartment, so that makes her okay) -> Vix, Kay, the maintenance man, and some of Chuck's friends -> strangers with dogs with them -> strangers that smell like dog -> strangers that have nothing to do with dogs -> kids

Poor neurotic puppy. I think she's terrified of kids because she's never been exposed to them. And when they see her, they don't understand that she's scared of them and keep trying to pet her. Oh well, she'll learn eventually.


  1. so happy i get to be up there on rasha's list. :)

    did you get your insurance back?!?! how ridiculous!

  2. that seems like a pretty good list of trust for a dog. i particularly like the sub-sets of strangers :-)