Monday, September 20, 2010

Ramblings of...

...books. I finished my most recent book today: Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. I thought it was pretty darn excellent. Overall, I'd recommend Neil Gaiman for a good read. But if you liked the movie Stardust, for the love of all things holy, don't read the book. Normally, I'd never say that. But I absolutely love the movie. And I like Neil Gaiman. So I decided to read the book. I have never been so sad and let down over a book in my life. If they had never made the movie, I would probably have thought the book was okay. Back to Anansi Boys. I'd definitely recommend it. Other than that, most of the other books I've read recently are Sophie Kinsella books. I totally blame Vix on this one. They have become an absolute guilty pleasure. So it starts Thursday (technically), but I have a four hour program meeting on Wednesday. I'm so nervous. Like the type of nervous you have when you have date with someone you really, really like, and you're excited about it because you like the person, but you're scared witless because you're pretty sure you'll do something, and they'll hate you. Like that. Except with a school. How weird. I got my textbooks the other day, and realized, all through undergrad, I never really appreciated what a real textbook looks and feels like. Just one (yes, there are more for the class) of my anatomy and physiology books is like 3 inches thick and could be used to hunt lions. I started reading another one of my textbooks the other day - yes, I'm that excited that I'm actually reading the stuff before school starts. I know, what a dork! But I've come to the conclusion that at least, the anatomy and physiology class is going to hunt me down and devour me. But it should be fun...ha! It's not so much any more, but every now and then, I still get the impression that people that know me still categorize me as the girl that got married. That is my major accomplishment in life. I feel that this is wrong. Not just because I feel like it underscores my achievements and worth as an individual and a woman, but also because I feel like it cheapens marriage. Marriage is not an "achievement," like the little medals you got in school for the read-a-thon, or something you unlock on Xbox live. I get the impression that people see getting married as a medal, and then it's something that you can point to on your mantle and brag about. It's more like a book or a piece of artwork. You start it, at the beginning, and you continue to work on it until the end. It's a personal piece of artwork, not one that you finish quickly to show off to everyone. And it doesn't come with guarantees and sunshine and happiness; that's part of the work you have to put into it to get closer to finish the painting. Otherwise it'll never be done. Like, just because you're married doesn't mean you'll actually eat together more than once a week. But life goes on. And it's fine, because you work it out.

Okay, enough of me pretending to be smart!