Thursday, March 11, 2010

Meh. Not awake enough to title this post.

So, yesterday I got ALL of my paperwork done and mailed off in an orderly fashion for Gwinnett Tech. Now it's just waiting for the post office to do it's job. So that the college gets all it's info then can contact me. In the mean time, I'm continuing to sift through jobs at all the hospital systems and healthcare systems. Yeah, I *just* realized that Atlanta has a metric crap tonne (yes, spelled the British way - it's that big) of hospitals, and they've *got* to have some people doing desk/secretary/appointment scheduling type of work.

In other news, I have insomnia again. But not in the I-just-can't-sleep kind of way. Also in the once-I-do-get-to-sleep-I-wake-up-at-dust-bunnies-sneezing kind of way. I've gone through sleeping through football games in Death Valley to waking up to rain. How messed up is that? Rain makes people sleepy! Not wakes them up, then taunts them with all it's watery noises. Blah. This is getting so annoying. Especially the other night when I took a sleeping pill (like benedryl but a stronger antihistamine), and went to bed all happy that I'd get sleep...only to not sleep...urgh.

Well, I'm off to try again with this sleeping thing.

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