Friday, March 5, 2010

I am SO indecisive.

Okay, first, sorry that this isn't the next part of the story. It's been a LOONG few days, and I'm pooped. But I just wanted to go ahead and post about my question/answer session at Gwinnett Tech - the school I'm thinking about going to for the vet tech stuff. I met with the program director, Dr. Ballard, a veterinarian, who actually started the program and is one of the two permanent professors. It went well. The program seems really intense and hard. It's really competitive, and they only accept about 30 students every fall. It's a day time program (for the most part), and only about half the students graduate... Which of course, makes me want to do it more b/c I'm a sadist like that. She also explained a good bit about vet school later on (she used to be a vet tech too). Also the program is supposed to be really strong b/c it was the first program of it's kind certified by the AVMA that doesn't have animals on campus. That in turn makes it stronger b/c all of the students' hands-on experience has to be done off campus at clinics. So graduates of a normal/traditional program graduate with about 40-50 clinical hours, while graduates from Gwinnett Tech graduate with about 850 clinical hours. Needless to say, that makes job placement very easy (in addition to the apparent shortage of vet techs).

I guess the only thing really now is myself. I keep second guessing myself, and to be completely honest, I'm not sure why. I don't know if it's because it kind of goes against everything that I grew up with. My family (not my brothers really I don't think) doesn't really get why I would want to work with animals when I could do the same thing with people. And I wouldn't really make much money... I don't think it would be too bad. My dad doesn't know yet, and the general assessment I get is I shouldn't tell him until I'm enrolled and taking classes. I keep thinking that I'm talking myself into this, because it would be easy. But then the rational (itty bitty little) part reminds me that I've already made more of an effort in this field to make contacts, done more research, can actually see myself doing it, and I actually wanted to be a vet when I was little but my family made fun of me so I stopped. AHHHH! I need to make up my mind. Chuck thinks that I've got my heart set on it, I'm just rationalizing it to shreds.

Bleh - I'm so indecisive. I'll write the story after I wake up from my sleeping pill induced sleep :-) Love you guys!

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